Warrnambool Property Law can assist you with preparation of a clear and understandable will, and help you understand your options for providing for your family and other interests.


An up-to-date Will which reflects your current circumstances and wishes is vital so that you and your family can feel confident that your wishes will be carried out. You should consider a new will if :

  • you don't have one already

  • you have had a significant change in your financial situation since your last will

  • you have married, separated or divorced

  • you have experienced the birth or death of a child or grandchild, a beneficiary or executor

  • you have bought or sold a property or business

Warrnambool Property Law will listen to your wishes, discuss your circumstances, and prepare a clear will tailored to your circumstances.

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Loss of mental capacity affects an increasing proportion of the population in Australia, due in part to the fact that many of us now live longer. But accident or illness can also cause loss of capacity at any age. By appointing an attorney while you have capacity, you can feel confident that you have appointed someone you can trust to make decisions on your behalf.

Warrnambool Property Law can advise you about your options in appointing attorneys, and prepare for you:

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney for financial and personal decisions

  • An Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker