Commercial Leases

Warrnambool Property Law has a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist clients with their commercial and retail leases.


In common with many legal matters, getting advice at an early stage of negotiations (or earlier) is important. It is vital that you have an experienced commercial lease lawyer review any lease before you sign it. The lease and its terms, and the property itself, will likely have a major impact on the viability, success, and value of your business.

Warrnambool Property Law has the knowledge and experience to advise on your commercial or retail lease.

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Commercial Building
  • Retail Leases and Disclosure obligations

  • Preparation of leases for landlords

  • Lease advice for tenants

  • Stamp duty and GST advice

  • Compliance advice

  • Variations or assignments (transfers) of lease

  • Sub-leases

  • Office leases

  • Warehouse and factory leases

  • Licenses